Entered Sanko Co Ltd (TYO:6964)

Took a quantitative bet on Sanko Co. Sanko manufactures mechatronics and plastic components for automotbile and IT products.

Low margin business, strong balance sheet. Dividends. Only ~1200 shareholders according to IR info. Entered at NCAV ratio of 0.6 or 460¥.


2 thoughts on “Entered Sanko Co Ltd (TYO:6964)”

  1. This is a great website. I found it when searching for information on a net net stock already in my portfolio that is part of yours also. A question though, would you be willing to recommend a good screening tool for Japanese and Asian equities?

    I’d also be interested in knowing whether any currency hedges are applied when investing in Japanese equities.


    1. Thanks for your feedback. I do not use any screening tool at the moment. I’ve used Google Finance a lot and am confounded on what to do when they shut down their portfolio service later this month.

      I considered hedging through mini-futures, but dropped the idea some time ago. I am doing this long-term and keep currency accounts, so I figured that the fx exposure is part of the diversification. This also makes me a bit reluctant to make it an only Japanese net-net portfolio.

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