Exited PC Partner Group Ltd (HKG:1263)

I sold the position in PC Partner Group this week, as the share is now trading at around NCAV. It may still have ways to go, but rules are rules…

I entered at 0.75$ and got one dividend of 0.035$. The sale price was 1.68$ so the total gain landed at circa 120 % in HK$. I bought the share amidst the China stock-market chaos in mid 2015.

After a lot of volatility it’s nice to be able to close a position with gains.

2 thoughts on “Exited PC Partner Group Ltd (HKG:1263)”

  1. A few weeks ago I have exited this position too. Unfortunately it went well above NCAV and price is still going crazy.

    Any thoughts about riding the momentum wave and still protecting downside?

    I guess with PC Partners a stop-loss would have been the better choice, there is enough trading volume with €200k per day on average.

    Do you agree?

    1. As you say, If there is volume you can consider it. Personally I’d go for a trailing stop loss order. I think you would still need to have an idea of when to exit, otherwise you’re just gambling your winnings. 🙂

      Remember most net-nets are not that great businesses and you don’t want to own them long-term. I see a risk where one develops a bias for the companies one have invested in.

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